Hi! I’m Sidrah.

I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Risk Management professional with over 10 years of experience in accounting, financial services, and real estate!

I’ve been on a mission to quite my 9-5 job through side hustles!

Believe me when I say I’ve tried a lot!

I’m here to share my knowledge, experience, and best tips and tricks with you!

About Me

The Unconventional Path

I’m a strong believer in taking the unconventional route to achieve success.

Accounting for Money is all about empowering you to take the plunge so that you can start living the way you’ve always dreamed of!

I’ve got you covered… from Airbnb to real estate, AI, personal finance, and blogging, I’m here to share the latest and greatest knowledge!

My Story

A Born Entrepreneur

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a lover of personal finance.

When I was only 6 years old, my dad and I used to play hide-and-seek, but unlike other kids, I was already thinking of ways to make money.

I convinced my dad to pay me cash each time he couldn’t find me.

It’s safe to say that I collected quite a few $20 bills in the process!

The Number Crunching Phase

In 2013, I passed my Professional Chartered Accountant exams and was convinced climbing the corporate ladder was the best path to achieve financial freedom.

Little did I know the demands of the industry…

I started to work 80 hour weeks at an accounting firm, doing audits, tax returns, and bookkeeping for small businesses.

I was tired and stressed out as a 23-year-old doing the 9-5 grind.

That’s when I realized it was time to pivot and use my accounting knowledge and business background to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Side Hustle Era

In 2015, I left the accounting firm and joined a Crown Corporation focused on mortgages and real estate financing.

Lash Lifting

With a more balanced workload, I decided to set up a lash lifting business which I determined would be extremely profitable.

I did do very well financially, but it wasn’t enough to quit my full-time job.

Nor was it my true passion.

But I learned a lot from this experience and decided to try another side hustle.

Real Estate

With my newfound real estate knowledge, I decided to invest in long-term rental properties.

Over the span of a few years, I bought as many as I could get approved for, and to this date, I still own them!

Not only do my properties cash flow positively, but they also have gained significant price appreciation.

Airbnb Cabin

In 2021, I decided to expand to the world of short-term rentals and bought a luxury vacation rental property near Mont Tremblant.

In my first year, I brought in $125,000 in revenue through Airbnb!

Don’t be fooled – this took hard work, determination, and a lot of research.

But I can confidently say it was all worth it.


In late 2022, I decided to start Accounting for Money.

My goal is to share my side hustling experiences and give honest product reviews to help you grow your business.

Let’s side hustle, together!